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Computer recycling, Computer refurbishment

helping to cut local carbon emmisions in Exeter & Devon

We offer efficient removal and local refurbishment of working IT Equipment, no older than 4 years old only including: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, iPads, Netbooks, Scanners, Keyboards, Mice, Peripherals, Software, Monitors, LCD's, TFT's, Hubs, Servers, Office equipment, working equipment no older than 4 years old.

Local IT Refurbishment


We are a company limited by guarantee who refurbish working IT equipment no older than 4 years old in Exeter & Devon. We're a Social enterprise utilising 50% of our profits to support and build an Alternative Technology Education Centre for the South West of England, The First of It's Kind in the UK.


Why choose A1 Positive Recycling in Exeter and Devon?


We are the only Exeter based non-profit social enterprise who offer reuse on working IT equipment only and welcome customers from all the surrounding areas including Exeter, Tiverton, Okehampton, Honiton, Torbay, Exmouth. Most of our Eco-friendly services are carried out for commercial, industrial and residential customers across Devon.

  • PC cleaning
  • On-Site Data Wiping
  • IT Recycling
  • Computer Refurbishment
  • PC Recycling
  • Domestic IT Recycling
  • Mobile Device Recycling
Computer Recycling
  • IT Recycling
  • Computer Cleaning
  • Mobile Phone Recycling
  • Mobile Device Refurbishment
  • Computer Refurbishment
  • Computer Disposal
  • Quick and effective service
  • Eco-friendly services
  • Competitive and affordable prices
  • Friendly and helpful operatives
  • Commercial and industrial Services
  • A1 is the only local Eco-friendly refurbishers in Exeter and Devon
  • Expertise in On-Site Data Wiping Services

  • With more than 28 years' experience in the Recycling and refurbishment industry
  • A WEEE license exempt waste management company - NCC/E/APO001/0-NCC/01349


Efficient removal, refurbishment of working Computer Equipment no older than 4 years old, including: Laptops, Desk tops, Towers, Tablets, Ipads, Netbooks,  Keyboards, Mice, Peripherals, Software, Monitors, LCD's, TFT's, Hubs, Servers, office equipment. (Terms and Conditions apply at all times).



Local Benefits:

Reduce your Data Wiping Costs *

Comply with WEEE directives and cut your local Carbon Emissions in Devon*
Support local sustainable non-profit recycling initiatives in Exeter and Devon*

Call to discuss how our local recycling services for Exeter and Devon can save you £££'s.

We offer local practical eco-friendly solutions in Exeter and Devon.

A1 Positive Recycling Project LTD is a fully license exempt WEEE Recycler, a company limited by guarantee, a non-profit social who operates in Exeter, Devon, Somerset and Cornwall.


Specializing in computer equipment recycling (WEEE), we have a qualified team of staff and volunteers with a wealth of knowledge in the computer and IT industry.


We currently operate across the South West of England and we're license exempt to operate accross the UK, we refurbish working computer equipment and mobile devices only from schools/offices and many other types of businesses, (Terms and Conditions Apply at all times).


We have a very unique service, in the fact that we offer completely Free collection

when you purchase our On-Site Data Wiping Services only, (Terms and Conditions apply at all times).


We can process all your working redundant items of computer and IT equipment for free, when purchasing our on-site data wiping services! Please view our "ON-Site Data Wiping List" section if you're unsure.


We would like to thank all of our existing customers and supporters for their continued support in helping to reduce the local carbon footprint in Devon.


We're now recommended by many council's throughout the South West of England, as we guarantee to save your school, college or business ££'s on your Computer and IT Recycling obligations under the 1990 Waste Law.


Computer Recycling


100% On-Site Secure data wiping of all media above MOD standards.


Fully Environment Agency Registered to collect, process and treat your working computer equipment throughout Exeter and Devon and the UK.


We promote local recycling and refurbishment throughout Exeter, Devon and Cornwall.


Outputting 0% to landfill, And ensuring a longer lifespan for working computer and IT equipment whilst cutting the local carbon footprint throughout Devon and Cornwall.


Full paperwork trail, from collection to treatment. satisfying our clients needs and ensuring their legal requirements are met.


Fully approved to receive donnated working computer and office equipment throughout the South West. We don't leave working equipment behind.


All our manufacturers operate to the ISO9001/14001 Environmental standards

We DON'T export. We only work with companies in the UK.


A1 Now operate a completely FREE service for education establishments (Terms & Conditions Apply).



We make a small charge to all Commercial, Industrial and Domestic clients.


Services include: On-Site data Wiping, IT Collection, Treatment and all paperwork.


There are no hidden charges and no corners are cut. Our service is second to none.


Although we are the first non-profit social enterprise in Devon to offer our services throughout Devon and Cornwall, we regularly give 50% of our profits to support the building of an an alternative technology education centre for the South West of England.


We are happy to accept donations that can be made with our customers wishes.


We are a fully UK environment agency licensed exempt social enterprise.


We currently hold the following licenses:

NCC/E/APO001/0 & NCC/013496

The Environment Agency has informed us that ALL schools have been made aware of this issue but in our experience this isn't true. The license itself is £18.00 which registers your site/school as a hazardous waste producer. It is the case that many smaller schools will be exempt from this license as you need to produce 500Kg per year to require a licence, that's roughly 28 CRT's. We will leave you with a Hazardous waste consignment note to ensure your compliance with WEEE regulations.


A1 Positive aim is to cut the local carbon footprint through our local recycling, refurbishment service to help attract over £1Billion in EU grant funding to the South West of England.

Why not support us! Work in partnership with us to create a sustainable society for Exeter and Devon, help to improve the knowledge, practical-hands-on-skills, help fund an alternative technology education centre for the South West of England.

Our aim is to stop waste to Landfill and help cut the local carbon emmissions in the South-West of England.


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A company limited by guarantee Company No. 05591818.  A Waste License Exempt company WEEE license no NCC/E/APO001/0 NCC/013496.

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