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About Us

A1 Positive Recycling is an Exeter Based non-profit social enterprise founded in 2005. We are experts in providing a range of IT and computer solutions to include cleaning, IT refurbishment solutions in Exeter and Devon.  


We are the only social enterprise who offer local recycling of working IT equipment under 4 years old in Exeter and Devon.

We are happy for public and commercial support to help us raise vital funds to build and establish an alternative technology education centre for the South West of England, to train adults with learning difficulties and to educate, empower and fund our non-profit to support A1's primary social objectives to promote "Positive Change Through Social Enterprise" and "TEAM Together, Each, Accomplishes, More".


Anyone who uses our IT services will be supporting our local community work through the purchase of our Eco-friendly recycling services and sales of refurbished products in Exeter and Devon.

In addition, you can use our sister company, Carpet Magic (the only eco-friendly cleaning enterprise in Exeter, Devon since 2001).

A1 Positive Recycling is the first non-profit who registered and is fully license exempt as the first electrical, electronic recycler for working IT equipment and mobile devices in the UK and the South West of England.

Our local recycling solutions are available to a variety of local small and large enterprises and businesses as well as the general public.



Mr. N Earnshaw came up with the non-profit company in May 1997 and in May 2005 he was recognised as a community champion and was awarded an Unlimited level 1 Millennium award and a Community Dividend award from Co-ops UK.


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