A1 Positive Recycling Project
Environmental Policy




A1 Positive’s national mission is to bring about sustainable improvements, through partnerships, to the local environment and to contribute to economic and social regeneration.


A1 P.R.P is committed to working with all sections of our community to achieve the true potential of the area as a desirable place to live and work in.



  • to bring about a wider understanding of how work-related activities affect the environment;
  • to promote high standards of environmental management;
  • to minimise or eliminate adverse impacts on the environment.


The company shall:

  • maintain respect for natural resources by ensuring the most efficient use of materials and by using renewable, recycled and recyclable products wherever possible;
  • ensure the use of environmentally friendly eco-products and eliminate the use of environmentally exploitative products such as peat or tropical hardwoods;
  • minimise, where possible, the creation of waste, especially hazardous waste and wherever possible, recycle or reuse materials; dispose of all wastes through safe and responsible methods in compliance with the relevant environmental legislation; where safe, legal and practical to do so, dispose of waste on site by burial, capping, treatment;
  • ensure the responsible use of energy throughout the company be conserving energy, improving energy efficiency, seeking to utilise safer energy sources and giving preference to renewable over finite energy resources wherever possible;
  • minimise the effects of atmospheric pollution from the Company’s vehicles through the installation of suitable pollution reducing mechanisms and ensuring the regular and timely maintenance of such vehicles.
  • This policy will apply to all aspects of the Company’s activities including all projects buildings, machinery and transportation.


    • The company will:
  • appoint a member of the organisation to monitor and co-ordinate the environmental performance of the organisation;
  • communicate the environmental policy and provide appropriate training to ensure its effective implementation;
  • conduct periodic environmental reviews and self-evaluation of its compliance with the environmental policy;
  • prepare, implement and monitor action plans to improve performance;
  • report these findings to the Board and others.
    • With regard to the purchase of goods and services, the company shall:
  • support and encourage contractors, suppliers and other relevant partners to minimise their impact on the environment through the communication of the company’s environmental policy and strategic purchasing and contract policies;
  • actively seek to influence others within its sphere of influence and operation to adopt environmental policies and good environmental management;
  • use and specify the use of used, reclaimed or recycled materials wherever appropriate and possible;
  • actively seek the purchase of materials locally and the appointment of local contractors whenever such materials and skills exist locally.

NB: Since the company, as a non-profit enterprise expending public funds, is also required to secure good value for money, purchasing decisions will take account of both environmental and v-f-m factors.  Tenders will make clear what requirements are mandatory and which are desirable but discretionary.

Each employee of the company will:

  • encourage other employees of the company to adopt and take responsibility for the implementation of the environmental policy;
  • Encourage employees, volunteers and members of other organisations to adopt good practices so as to improve the environmental performance of their organisation and improve its impact upon the environment.



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