Corporate Social Responsibility is the responsibility a business or organisation takes on in order to demonstrate their commitment to improving the community and the environment, whilst simultaneously improving their own performance to reducing there Carbon Footprint in Devon and Cornwall.


Here at A1 P.R.P we believe that our recovery and environmental programmes can play a fundamental role in supporting all organisations meet and satisfy their moral, social and economic obligations under CSR.



Our recovery programmes enable organisations to reuse and/or recycle their printer cartridges and mobile phones, used vegetable oil thus benefiting the environment, improving the local and wider communities, raising substantial funds and supporting the A1 Positive's raising funds for an Alternative Technology Education Centre whilst generating economic and educational benefits to our local Communities.


The Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer recently commented;
“Today, corporate social responsibility goes far beyond the old philanthropy of the past….it is an all year round responsibility that companies accept for the environment around them, for the best working practices, for their engagement in their local communities and for their recognition that brand names depend not only on quality, price and uniqueness but on how, cumulatively, they interact with companies’ workforce, community and our environment.


Now we need to move towards a challenging measure of corporate responsibility, where we judge results not just by the input but by its outcomes: the difference we make to the world in which we live, and the contribution we make to poverty reduction”


To find out more information on CSR and the role your organisation can play in contributing to saving the environment, society, the community and economy please contact our environmental team:


Environmental Director and Quality Manager
A1 Positive Recycling Project Ltd
Unit 63A-63B Summerway

Exeter, Devon. EX4 8DJ

Tel : +44 (0) 800 999 3833 

DD: 01392 202 779



  • Computer Recycling
  • Data Cleansing
  • Laptop Recycling
  • IT Recycling
  • Computer Disposal


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We offer local on-site Data Cleaning above DOD Standards:


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